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Our school

The Roma Film Academy is an academic structure devoted to culture and education especially concentrated in the artistic context, above all in audiovisual communication and entertainment. In particular, it is proposed as a reference point, also throughout Europe, for whomever is interested in undertaking a professional career in all those activities that revolve around cinema and television business. We believe in the importance of our students living and breathing the cinematography environment in every single moment of their learning experience within our institution.

Our courses

The academic courses are two year professional courses. Our subjects of specialization are seven and include Direction, Acting, Production, Screenplay, Direction of Photography, Sound and Editing. Each course is followed by successful professionals who live and work in the cinema business every day, providing the students all their experience and innate passion for their profession. The students of the Roma Film Academy are provided with professional spaces and technical equipment which allow a constant training in step with the development of practical and conceptual film and television today.

Our theatre

The Roma Film Academy has a theatre, various sets realized by leading industry professionals and is equipped with a separate equipment base for the everyday teaching and workshop, these features make this school a unique training structure, where students can practice in an environment which results identical to a real set where everyone has to respect hierarchy of roles. In this way the students learn how to move in this particular working environment, gaining confidence with colleagues, spaces, vehicles and equipment.

Academic courses (click to open)


The screenwriting course consists of useful integrated modules apt for the formation of a professional profile that is familiar with the basics of writing for the world of entertainment. From cinema scripts to television ones through the video games, acquiring the basic technique to design, write and finalize a script and adapt its characteristics to the commissions, production limits to the director request and the destination of the product. The teaching departments jointly conducted with the other courses throughout the year, specially with the Directing Course, complete the necessary path to learn to communicate properly with the specific departments and a crew to accompany the creative management of a real product and budget.


The course of production focuses on theoretical concepts and techniques mainly related to the organization of production, the figure of the ad (director’s assistant) at the marketing department and distribution, budget management with tax credit and product placement, as well as the role of the secretary / supervisor. Reading of a script and script breakdown, analysis and budget management, supply chain and marketing placement are aspects that must coexist to provide a route into post-school of easy success.


The purpose of the training course of direction is to acquire the basic technique to design, write and finalize a script, adapting its features to commissions, production limits and product destination. The course is arranged on several levels in order to facilitate market request, post-school, facing the ad’s job (director’s assistant), specific language “tools” to properly dialogue with crew department, the creative part of writing, the edition and budget management.


The course of cinematography consists of complementary teaching modules. The theoretical background is flanked by putting into practice what you’ve learned through trial and daily simulations. The lessons of this course, in fact, take place almost exclusively in the sound-stage of the school, both for theoretical demonstrations / techniques that for lessons of practical implementation. The tooling department is the starting point from which teachers and students draw upon to develop the training program: projectors, cameras, accessories and everything the school has, is the prerogative of the students, which are coordinated by the various professionals.


The course of sound engineering is articulated on very detailed technical basis, through the study of principals regarding physics and mathematics of sound, the live sound and post-production processes. Teachers prepare students in a scientific and artistic study of sound and its peculiarities, so that our students are not only trained technicians also to the use of materials but experts able to read a sound script, rebuild sounds, noises, sound tracks and effects, in an appropriate and functional way to the historical period, to the setting and the characteristics of each environment or set.


The editing course is arranged with technical sessions focused on language and the use of the main software applications in use by editors (Premiere Pro, Final Cut and Avid), with practical exercise apt to monitor learning level. Knowledge of some digital cameras, from shooting to post production workflow management, implements the study of specific subject, making the student able to understand and use difficulties that may result from the processing of files and digital formats, as well as promote better understanding of the production path that precedes the editing work.


The course focuses on the technique of acting, associated with notions of diction, voice training and body movement, which are all together tested during the year on set. Students in fact actively participate in practical courses and are encouraged to work with the camera since the first months. The school’s interdisciplinary set allows al the students to test their skills in parallel with the acquired knowledge, as well as to steadily increase relationship and professional dialogue with the other crew departments.

Our workshops

Roma Film Academy is developing a series of seminars and workshops, open to both working operators and professionals, to enthusiasts, to those whose purpose is to study in detail a specific topic, such as courses of scenery fencing and fighting, specifically thought for actors and stuntmen, or acting courses in Italian language aimed to obtain greater confidence with our nation’s language.

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